Robin Urton

Robin Urton creates surreal and visionary paintings, combining a reverence for nature with personal themes.

I am Robin Urton, owner of Dreambird Art, which represents my original fine art as well as reproduction prints, cards and glass pendant jewelry, based on images from my original artworks. I've been painting for over 25 years, and have an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

I credit my dreams for leading me on a path to creating art, starting with journaling about my dreams, then painting them. Eventually this grew into the practice of dreaming while I paint, preferring to leave the process open to whatever appears out of suggested patterns and textures in the paint. Frequent themes include birds, trees, flowers, women and dreaming Buddhas.  I also create commissioned artworks and murals.  

Regarding my jewelry, I am gratified by the idea of functionality, and that people can wear my art!  I invented a process in which I create transparent images of my artwork so that I have silver or gold-leaf behind the images.  The metallic leaf gives the images a shimmering glow, and the convex glass makes them very dimensional. Though there is a photographic reproduction process involved, each piece is created by hand, involving the photo transfer, metallic leaf application, and sealing with resin.  I offer both simple and vintage setting pendants... and earrings based on the same designs. I also create earrings that match my pendant necklaces (these will be updated on the site soon).

I sell primarily through wholesale, to stores that focus on selling handmade products. Please visit my stores page to see if there is a store or gallery that sells my jewelry in your area.  Originals, prints and cards can be purchased by emailing your selection to me.